2. Have you really got over your ex?

2. Have you really got over your ex?

Can you speak of your previous relationship without feeling angry or bitter about the breakup?  Are you still longing for him/her? You are not over the relationship if you are thinking “when I start a new relationship, it should help me get over him/her”.

If you can answer ‘No’ to the following questions, you can be confident that your life is not stuck in your previous relationship and you are ready to move on –

Do you regularly talk about your ex to friends and family?

Do you regularly check your ex’s Facebook profile?

Do you still secretly hope to get back with your ex?

Do you automatically compare men/women you meet to your ex?

Do you get feelings of sadness or anger when you run into your ex?

Do you want to meet someone new to fill the gap your ex has left?   




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